AFRICAN youths have been told to create solutions to the leadership problems confronting African countries to improve governance, raise accountability, efficiency and enhance citizen-government collaboration throughout Africa. Kingsley Bangwell, the Executive Director of Youngstars Development Initiative, who said this at the last day of a 10-day Canvassity Pan African Youth Democracy 2018 Fellowship in Lagos, also urged the youths to engage with and support elected representatives and government institutions. Bangwell said: “We are inculcating leadership in our participants because they are telling young people to identify problems in public service, create solutions and implement the projects. That is leadership development and capacity-building in leadership, and we are trusting that these young people will get into leadership positions and skills they have acquired through this projects will come to play in leadership and good governance across Africa. “The fellowship is to increase youth capacity to effectively enable them advocate for accountability, efficiency and good governance in their local communities and countries at large. What we want young people to take away from the project is that we can’t just sit back and say government is not working. We need to engage the system, visit government agencies and the local government at the state and federal levels, and find out what those agencies and institutions are set up to do, look for gaps and support in terms of ideas.” The fellowship, organised in collaboration with National Endowment for Democracy, NED, Washington, and attended by youths from 17 African countries, including Nigeria, will enable fellows to create and implement their projects for six months that will support the government to increase good governance. He said some of the projects the fellows will implement are on electoral process, human rights, peace and security, budget tracking and monitoring, tracking corruption, rule of law, among others.

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