A lot of people are confused about their goals and purpose in life. Purpose is not the same thing with goals or objectives, but your goals or objectives may indicate your purpose. As individuals grow up, they begin to acquire both informal and formal education or training. In doing this, they set their goals based on their vision. In life, the goals keep changing based on situations and circumstances.

Purpose is different. It is that inward crave or desire that makes life meaningful and worth living. It is one thing that diminishes all other achievements if it was never accomplished. It is that feeling of worthlessness, wastage of one’s essence and the consciousness that one has failed in the most important assignment he/she was created to solve if a particular task was never carried out.

The value of one’s life can simply be defined by their purpose. Purpose is not necessarily your occupation, profession or hobby. It is far more and may never be dependent on financial earnings. Your purpose is your debt to humanity and paying it simply means carrying it out in a measure that it will affect people around you for good and their upliftment.

Most leaders don’t seem to understand their purpose or what drives their leadership. Many individuals want to do some remarkable things that will give them instant recognition. Try asking them the purpose or why they do what they do, and they struggle for answers. The purpose is the deep-seated reason for our actions, why we do what we do and why we can’t stop doing it.

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