The focus of purpose driven leadership should not be about changing an organization, rather it should be about entrenching in the mind-set of people in the organization with purpose filled methodologies. Until the people or team understands purpose, the organization will hardly achieve its target.

In implementing purpose driven leadership initiatives and measuring their impact, it is always obvious that every individual person’s understanding of what is to be done, why and how are important. Purpose driven leaders can make a difference in organisations in the following ways:

  1. a) Communication of the leader’s purpose statement to the team. The leader must initiate a purpose statement crafted in the most simplistic style of what she/he intends to do, why it is being done, where and for whom. The leader must be expressive about the purpose statement and should avoid vague interpretations or misunderstanding arising from lack of clarity or focus. The leader must use multimedia channels to translate and communicate the purpose to different audiences to ensure understanding, penetration, discussion, debate, acceptance and implementation buy-in
  2. b) Make the purpose statement relevant to the aspirations and wellbeing of team members. The leader’s purpose driven goals and initiatives will receive ambivalence or cold reception if the team or organization finds it strange, uninteresting or lacking relevance. If the purpose does not have room for organisations’ members welfare, progress, advancement or betterment, it would be greeted with instant rejection as it will be viewed as empty promises aimed at serving only the needs of the leader
  3. c) Get team members involved in purpose driven initiatives. Purpose driven initiatives must be owned by team members. People best demonstrates purpose by their lifestyles and commitment to the ideals of their belief. To ingrain purpose in the daily activities of team members, the leader must involve them in planning, formation of initiatives, task and its execution.


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