I have met people who believe that they are worth nothing and that the world has no place for their likes. They seem to hate everything about their person, their eyes, stomach, skin complexion, parenthood, nativity, schools attended, their jobs, spouses, children, everything. Nothing seems to give them joy. Life has no meaning and its essence remains a big mystery.

What has happened to these individuals is that they have lost their self-esteem, that general feeling of self-worth and self-value. Self-esteem is the ability of an individual or person to value, appreciate, appraise, estimate, honor, greatly regard and hold favourable opinion about his/herself irrespective of their physical, mental or psychological situations.

Perhaps I need to pose this question to you, how do you perceive yourself in the light of your peculiar circumstances and the events within and outside your environment? How has comments, messages, impressions, interactions, and characters of people (those you met directly or indirectly) affected your social and relationship life?

Many individuals developed their self-esteem or the general feelings about their self-worth from different sources. The circumstance of their birth, the misfortune of poverty/joblessness, marital failures, betrayals and ill treatments meted to them at some point of their lives which congealed to form their individual perceptions, resulting in their self-concept.

These experiences send messages to the brains of the individual that they are societal rejects, failures or people trapped in helpless and hapless situations.

These messages create a feeling of low esteem or poor judgment of one’s personal worth. Low self-esteem and feeling of worthlessness is the reason for depression, lack of color and candor, anxiety, fear (phobia), delusional thinking, accidents, illness or death.

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