Low self-esteem and feeling of worthlessness has been identified as the major reason for depression, lack of color and candor, anxiety, fear (phobia), delusional thinking, accidents, illnesses or deaths. Based on the works of Thetavine C. (2010), the underlisted top signs have been identified as evidence of low self-esteem in an individual.

  1. Consistent anxiety and emotional turmoil.
  2. Always expecting the negative to happen.
  3. Inability of a person to accept compliments.
  4. Over concerned about what others think of you.
  5. Failure to always trust one’s own opinion.
  6. Constant depression.
  7. Socially withdrawn or self-exclusion.
  8. Self-neglect.
  9. Eating disorders.
  10. Inability to take on challenges.
  11. Always gutting and resigning.
  12. Arrogance
  13. Extremely self-defensive, someone who retaliates far worse than what should normally be expected.
  14. Exaggerated perfectionist.
  15. Consistent need for salutation and recognition.
  16. A feeling of constant worthlessness, and complete helplessness to do anything or make his or her life better.
  17. Constant feeling of defeat.
  18. Decreased confidence.
  19. Being timid, not asserting yourself.
  20. Losing your temper.
  21. Blaming others for your problems.
  22. Feeling that you are not good enough even if you are.
  23. Jumping into negative conclusion.
  24. Setting unachievable standards.
  25. Expect little out of life for yourself.
  26. Easily influenced by peers.
  27. Being self-critical

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