12 Games Low Esteem People Indulge In To Draw Sympathy Attention.

Several researches have established that most low esteem people indulge in the following twelve (12) attention seeking activities to draw sympathy for themselves.

  1. The sufferer: They play on people’s emotions by exaggerating a minor incident like injuries, illness or some sad events. For instance, a request not granted to an individual or staff completely transforms his/her mood as if they are being denied or persecuted for unjust reasons. Sufferers sulk without reason to create the impression that they are hated by their bosses, who constantly deny them favours often given to other people.
  2. The Saviour: These people intentionally plot harm to happen to other people and suddenly appear in the middle of the scene to act as their saviours through care and compassion, thereby gaining attention as their savior.
  3. The Rescuer: These take advantage of people’s misfortunes particularly those who cannot help themselves by coming to offer some assistance. For instance, taking pleasure in giving pocket money to an applicant rather than providing a job and making it look like they would have starved to death if you were not there to help them by creating a dependency relationship.
  1. The Organizer: They paint the picture of a perfectionist, one that can be trusted and relied upon. He/she arranges/organizes everything and believes they must remain so.
  2. The Manipulator: They distort perception and take advantage of differences to create confusion resulting in emotional trauma. They thrive in creating factions in a team by playing up the emotions of people who depend on them against perceived opponents and competitors
  3. The Mind Poisoner: They specialize in creating disaffection through negative messages aimed at changing people’s perception.
  4. The Dramatist: They exaggerate events out of proportion to create crises while they remain the centre of attention.
  5. The Busy Bee: Always busy but never too busy to tell others of their accomplishments.
  6. The Deceiver: These use their wits to win attention and favour from others and could shed crocodile tears to win sympathy and attention particularly when confronted with revealing evidence of malfeasance.
  7. The False Confessor: These people confess to crimes they did not commit to gain attention from the police and the media.
  8. The Abused: A person may claim to be victim of sexual harassment, rape, battery or acid attack as a way of gaining attention to themselves.
  9. The Victim: This is where a person intentionally misrepresents facts and creates a scene that would portray him/her as the victim of an unfortunate occurrence thereby attracting attention to his/herself.


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