There are several kinds of tops; political top, business top, top of the class, top rating in sports, top among peers, etc. The top means any position beyond where you currently stand which you admire, desire and work towards achieving at some defined point in the future. The significant thing about the top is not about the efforts to get there but doing all it takes to remain as numero uno at the position. The following five habits will help any leader get to the top and stay there

  1. Be Purpose Driven. To excel is more of an intentional adventure than anything else. The individual must decide to make a difference by doing things every other person ignores doing, by over exerting themselves beyond normal limits and by ensuring their work output is branded in a significantly different way from any other competitor.
  2. Have the passion to serve. The greatest key that will keep you at the top is service and servicing the critical stakeholders. At the top, the passion to serve is a virtue that is in short supply. This is because many leaders think they have arrived and they no longer need to do the small things. Service is the connection button between a leader and their peoples.
  3. Develop uncommon commitment and focus on job output. Some individuals love visibility and the fame that go with being at the top, but they are unwilling to pay the price. Leaders who want to remain on top are excellence focused and they commit to a worthy cause. To produce an excellent result will require many hours of hard work.
  4. Imbibe continuous training and practice. A saying goes that practice makes perfect. To remain on top means adopting excellence as a way of life for continuous practice and not as a destination. Many workers are in a hurry to get to the top of their career but are unwilling to go with the habit that will sustain them at the top.
  5. Embrace consistency as a trademark. Consistency is strength under threatening conditions. In leadership positions, it is common to see employees who show spark and shine glowingly when given assignments. When a major task is assigned, these same individuals crumble. The difference is that they failed to be consistent.


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