It’s vacation time – a time to get out of the routine of work, more work and hard cracking assignments and find time to relax and rest. That is what I want to do in the next three weeks. Vacation is the time individuals plan to travel to their villages/new locations, relax, see old friends, read a book and take stock.

I am proud to inform all my Blog friends, Facebook community and avid readers of my articles that I will take the next three weeks out to relax and do some of the things I have listed above.

Incase you are like me who likes work, I need to share with you some benefits of vacation with the hope that you will pack your bags and join the next train on vacation as I have done.

  1. It frees the mind the huge weight of workload and reduces stress. I know that most people who go on vacation still get work related calls and do a lot of offsite work. However, the mere absence from office, regular people and daily routines imposed by official demands create freedom and removes the associated burden. Going on vacation therefore helps the mind to relax, reduce stress and provide a subdued way of dealing with overloads which occur on daily basis.
  2. It helps the body to recover from fatigue, wear and tear. The most important asset an individual has got is their body. Maintain your body in top shape to deliver optimally. Most executives know how to service their cars and appliances but never bother to service their body. Having a relaxed and restful sessions help the body to recover from fatigue and the impact of wear and tear.
  3. It gives you opportunity to have good sleep. I got so angry this morning because my alarm went off at the usual time of 5.30am. I forgot to remove it, particularly now that I am on vacation. Vacation helps us to indulge in more sleep than usual because it is part of the plan, to have a good rest
  4. It increases your productivity. A relaxed mind is better positioned to have deep reflections, in-depth analysis of things and a better perspective of what is happening around the business. Thus, the opportunity that vacation offers increases productivity for the individual.
  5. It gives you the opportunity to take care of small but important things of your life. During vacation, you have the time to visit with friends, children schools, teachers, community leaders and catch fun. It affords the individual enough time to carry out medical checks, attend parties, go to the cinema and fix little household items that have been on the waiting list.
  6. It helps you maintain and nurture family bonds and relationships. Family bonds and relationships require nurturing to flourish. The required time to do this in most families have been squeezed by daily work demands and what is left is no longer enough. Vacation helps couples and families to make up for lost time and provide the opportunity for all members to stay together, have fellowship and bond.
  7. It gives ample time for recreation. When last did you go to the pack, the gym or the beach to play? When last did you go to the stadium to watch a football match or a tournament? These are some of the things that can be built into your vacation to make it exciting. Find a space during your vacation to take your family out to interesting places and recreate together.

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