Many people are familiar with the term leadership or entrepreneurship but only a few have come across the word leaderpreneurship. Okay let’s start by breaking the word into its components.

Leadership is a vision inspired service that one gives to another or a group to achieve pre-determined results.

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity and value creation, by bringing together a unique package of resources. Entrepreneurs take notice of opportunities and take the initiative to mobilize resources to make goods and services by using the following three strategies;

(a) Innovation – the ability to see things in a novel way.

(b) Calculated risk taking – the knack to take chances and to embrace failure as a learning process.

(c) Creativity – the ability to create/conceive multiple possible futures (scenarios) and to proactively choose the one you most desire.

Leaderpreneurs are individuals who create the future through the combination of innovation, creativity and calculated risk taking.

This is where this subject takes its utmost importance – some individuals live for today, a few create the tomorrow others live in. What will it take for you to be a leaderpreneur? The following four ways will help you create the future you desire;

  1. Be a problem solver.

The world we live in is full of problems. Every agency set up by man is meant to solve one problem or the other, yet the world has not significantly improved. These problems range from health issues, unemployment, security, development, infrastructure, logistics, you name it.

The easiest way to create the future for others to live in is to identify a problem or situation and design the solution that gives succor to it. As long as the efficacy of the solution lasts, people will scramble to its use and you will be their hero.

  1. Focus on what helps people. Leadership is a people’s business. People go to any place where they can find help. The man who has the answer is always surrounded by a crowd of seekers. When you create what the people want, they will come after you, begging for your products and services.
  2. Be a learner and a thinker. The leaderpreneur must be a great learner and a thinker. They must look deeply into societal issues, analyze them, establish trend and make useful inferences based on critical thinking. Thinkers control the world and the future of the gullible. A leader’s vision evolves from thinking exercises through grilling and drilling of thoughts and ideas.


  1. Develop networking architecture. Leaderpreneurs must have networking architecture that tells them progress being made by their peers and why they do not need to repeat what another person has done. Reinventing the wheel is unwise as you will be trapped in the rat race of competition. Be your own man and do your own thing. Be innovative and unique, then the world will be under your feet.


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