The late Martin Luther King is famously known for his speech, I Have A Dream. This speech which was delivered on 28 August 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. has reverberated around the world with many adopting it as their personal slogans. Others have even used it as the ringing tunes of their phones.

What are dreams? The dictionary defines a dream as a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. Hmmm.

A cherished aspiration – do you have a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal that defines your personality, that drives your actions and that makes you restless until it is achieved.

Our society have a problem. Many people no longer see cherished aspiration in the landscape. The few who envision aspiration and those who dare to have ambition find it extremely difficult to pursue their dreams.

We have had candidates enrolling in our Dream School program and surprisingly, many had no dream at all. Some have wishes which does not have the ingredients of a dream. Strangely, many talks about a better future yet the substance of that future does not exist.

Do you have a dream?

A cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal exist in so many areas. Every dream must have the elements of ambition and fantasy. Fantasizing about a cherished future is the fuel that drives positive actions to achieve any dream. Let us look at the various areas where each of us should have a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal:

  1. My lifelong dream. This is a dream that transcends the duration of your life. What is your lifelong dream?
  2. My dream job or career dream. Some individuals dream of a job or career that will give them fulfilment, where their competencies can be best expressed. Do you have a dream job or career that you have been longing for?
  3. My economic/entrepreneurial dream. Have you ever thought of businesses where you can excel and contribute to societal growth and progress? Do you have an economic or entrepreneurial dream?
  4. My self-improvement dream. Who do you follow or who is your example? You can always be as good or better than the one you follow. If you have no one you are following, chances are you will remain the same. Do you have a self-improvement dream? Do you read books or engage in continuous improvement habits? Many people have no self-ambition because they have no one to look up to. Are you one of them?
  5. My recreational dream. Do you have a dream of where to relax, play and enjoy or your dream is work, more work and no play only?
  6. My political dream. This includes contribution to your village, community, local government, state or nation. Are you one of those arm chair critics who sees nothing good in their nation or do you have a genuine drive to change things for the better. Have a dream to change your locality, to make the world a better place. Perform your civil duties by exercising your right to vote and be voted for.
  7. My family dream. In the world we live in, it is strange to find that not everyone desires a family or to father offspring. What is your family dream? Is it for you to live and enjoy alone, or do you intend to get married, raise children and watch them grow.
  8. My dream for my nation. Do you stand aloof while others destroy your national heritage? Are you challenged by the myriad of problems facing your country and ready to change the cause of history? What dreams do you have for your country?
  9. My social dream. How is your social life like? In fact, do you have one?
  10. My innovation/new discovery dream. Do you have a dream to create innovation or new technology for the society?
  11. My retirement dream. What are your retirement dreams?
  12. My investment dream. What is your investment dream?
  13. My dream to write a book. I have had friends who told me of their dreams to write books. Some have had that dream for 5 years or more, but nothing has come out of it. What dreams do you have about writing a book, journal, biography or autobiography?
  14. My dream man or woman. Some young men and women have dreams about the man or woman they want to settle down it. Who is your dream man or woman?

If you cannot state in concrete terms your dreams for these areas listed, then you need to enroll in our Dream School program.




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