1. They invest in consistency habits. Every high impact leader has made a discovery of a way of life that energizes them to perform optimally and they invest time, energy and other resources into it. It could be reading daily to get information, research, feedback, focus group discussion, etc. You must invest in any habit that makes you to be more creative as a leader.
  2. They surround themselves with people of consistent behaviours. Consistent leaders build environment where consistency thrives and they place people with consistent behaviours at the helm of affairs. As a leader, those around you are as important as your daily routine. If the wrong people are around a leader, they will waste high energy on getting little things done. When the right people are around a leader, the results roll in better and performance will lead to higher results with relatively low energy expended.
  3. They build and monitor the consistency of their team members. Leaders know that individual habits of team members have high impact on overall performance. They start off by building in their teams the behaviours and actions that promotes corporate performance and measure these attributes from time to time. For them to continually have a healthy team, they ensure these consistent behaviours dominate their environment.
  4. They associate with other leaders with consistent reputation. High impact leaders are attracted to other performing leaders with consistent reputation and they work on building relationship with them. They see them as role models or role mates and they leverage on these relationships to guide their responses on common issues.
  5. They know that being consistent is not equivalent to speed of execution. For these leaders, they believe that their actions are built on a purpose and that purpose will be delivered at some point in time.

Consistent leadership has nothing to do with speed as some leaders can perform some actions with high velocity. When asked to replicate the action or performance at any other occasion, they fail to deliver. For a consistent leader, they have found the secret of helping them deliver consistent result from time after time without failing the integrity test.


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