1.The purpose indicator. Good leaders have a purpose for whatever they do. Their purpose can be derived from personal experience, childhood dreams, influencer power, life-long dreams or the passion to make a difference. In interviewing candidates for leadership positions, the purpose statement is a great pointer to the individual’s internal motivation and driving force.

2.The Message Indicator. A good leader must understand the power of communication, clarity of perspectives and the ability to express his/herself to pass on a message.

Asking a leader to explain the most elementary concepts, tell a story or share unforgettable life experiences is quite revealing. It will help you access their communication ability, fluency, articulation and ability to drive home their points. The ability to explain events and circumstances in a simple and clear term exemplifies one individual from another

  1. The social indicator. Leadership is a team sport. This means the leader will get involved with different individuals with different orientations. The social indicator measures the interpersonal skill of the leader to freely mix, interact and socialize with all kinds of people irrespective of their economic or political background.
  2. Influencer indicator. Influence is not necessarily power but the ability to get others to do certain things without exerting pressure or threat.

In organizations, what leaders require to get their job done by subordinates is a tactful skill of influence.  Getting the job done is no longer a matter of hierarchy or seniority. It is based on a perception and on the principle of something for something built on an exchange protocol.



  1. The feedback indicator. Many leaders take personal blames for failed policies and product/service failures because they have preconceived idea of the program outcome. They judge their performance on their personal feelings because their ego is involved. Their views are largely subjective because they try to be their own mirror.  Feedback from others is the fastest way a leader can improve his performance and instill excellence in the workplace.


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