With debt of gratitude, I welcome all my distinguished guests to the formal presentation of my Book titled The Secret of Highly Impactful Leaders.

I particularly welcome the Chairman of the occasion, Alabo Tonye Graham Douglas for taking out time to grace this occasion. Other special guests who are here to accord me honour today includes Matthew Edevbie MD Income Electrix/4Power Consortium, Chief O. C. J. Okocha, Engr. Charles Wami Chairman/CEO Charkins Marine & Offshore Safety Centre, Hon. Engr. Owene Wonodi, Hon. Nimi Walson Jack, Dr. Chinyere Nwoga, CEO PHED and several others too numerous to mention. Please forgive me if I didn’t mention your name.

The history of this Book is one of divine coincidences and takes its origin from a meeting I had with the Senior Pastor of Gateway International Church, Pastor George Izunwa in March 2016.

I had visited his office on his invitation after a copy of my last Book titled Smart CEO’s Leadership Execution was sent to him.

After his exhortation, encouragement and prayers for me, I was on my way out of his office when the idea of this Book dropped into my consciousness.

Please kindly join me in appreciating Pastor George Izunwa with thunderous hands of applause.

It’s been 11 years since I wrote my first Book and today’s book presentation is the 5th in the series. Looking back, I have reasons to thank God for giving me the inspiration for the journey.

This Book is special to me for many reasons and anyone who reads it will find it quite inspiring. It is loaded with the secrets that can make a budding or accomplished leader achieve more in their chosen field of endeavours.

Leadership today, both in our individual lives and that of our nation, is the real deal. We stand at a critical time in the history of Nigeria where leaders of all kinds have appeared in our horizon. These include political, religious, professional, business leaders, etc. When you survey the era of these individuals, history will be most unkind to many because no lasting impact can be traceable to them.

Impactful leadership is the reason for writing this Book. It simply means a leadership that speaks of lasting influence for today and in the future. When leadership influence only affects the activities of today without a memorable legacy for the future, that leadership is not impactful.

Impactful leaders create opportunities for their followers. They create wealth for the society and it promotes avenues for self-expression.

Impactful leaders open the landscape for industry, employment and job security, engage youths and give them a sense of what to live for. They value life and protect same, engender a strong love for their country, by building a lasting people-based leadership infrastructure that signifies their relevance in years to come.

In this Book being unveiled today lies the great secrets of impactful leadership, the type that meets the needs of today and the future.

Every leader driven by a sense of impact will find this Book a great treasure. This is because Nigeria today needs such leaders, to give hope of a better future to its citizens and the international community.

As we unveil this Book today, I want to use this opportunity to thank my wife and children for tolerating me. Indeed, the itinerary of writers are sometimes not easy to cope with. Over the years, they have become my first line of editors, critique and interrogators. I thank them all the same for all these and their unflinching support.

I also want to thank and extend my warm greetings to everyone here today. Some of you have attended all or many of my Book presentations. I thank you for your love and steadfastness, commitment and strong support.

My special appreciation goes to my colleagues at PHED, members of the Integrity Group, Urhobo Solidary Club. Urhobo Progress Union, friends, family members and associates for their presence.

Thank you for coming and may God bless you all.


Godwin O. Orovwiroro


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