I welcome this very distinguished audience to this ceremony, a public presentation of a Book titled The Secrets Of Highly Impactful Leaders.

Today, we are celebrating the intellectual works of Dr. Godwin Orovwiroro. By some divine arrangement, I had the privilege of reading the original manuscripts and I must say that the Book was inciteful, thought provoking and rich in leadership principles which if applied in the highest echelon of leadership in Nigeria will result in impactful delivery of life changing results for our people.

What has eluded Nigeria over the years is quality leadership or what the author refers to as impactful leadership. As we approach another election season in our nation, the subject of this Book should provide the standard measurement parameter of assessing who aspires to a position of influence, authority and governance in the management of our commonwealth.

The leadership principles and the opportunity which this Book presents will, when adopted, help our leaders to represent the rest of us who constitute the electorate; through national leadership rebranding, consistency in impactful behaviours, minimal mercenary traits and adequate handling of intrinsic circumstances and situations

This book is excitingly fascinating. With pleasure, I recommend it to all visionary and impactful leaders.

I am very confident that having been in various management strata, this book would provide appropriate explanations to what the average leader would encounter in organizations, public institutions and in any challenging circumstances.

On this note, I welcome every one of you to this event and wish us all a fulfilling experience.

Thank you all

Alabo Tonye Graham Douglas


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