The workplace is a communication-based system where messages are sent from one level to another in form of data, information, directives, instructions and advise.  The messages are derived from a pool of knowledge and wisdom available to the leaders and are aimed at helping team members win / succeed in the workplace.

  1. Conversation is the tool leaders use to paint future destinations. Conversation is the tool leaders use to paint a picture of the future the organization aspires to attain. Through conversations, team members get to know the building blocks that shape plans, the ladders of execution, the opportunities gained and the impact achieved.
  2. Conversation is the instrument that enhances information sharing. Many leaders communicate and do not engage in conversation. Communication is telling while conversation is sharing. When a leader communicates, the primary concern is to distribute information but conversation creates understanding.
  3. Conversation helps the team to understanding the soul of action. Once there is an understanding of the goal of an assignment in the workplace, group action becomes easier, faster and more result oriented. This law emphasizes the need for leaders to talk and share information in order to create understanding across board.
  4. Conversation fosters team direction. Generally, conversation allows people to move together in harmony in a given direction without stepping on each other’s toes. People conversing are not only talking but also listening. Without listening, there is no conversation.  Conversation could be face to face, handwritten, notes, chats, letters, e-mails, telephone, messaging, etc.



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