1. Knowing one another. Being in a team engenders proximity and promotes interaction. Through interaction, information sharing and working side by side on projects or programs, team members get used to one another. Knowing one another in a much deeper way builds friendship and helps each member to be more predictive and supportive of actions and decisions of the entire team. It creates cohesion, faster decision making, synergy, trust and mutual accountability.
  1. Have a common agenda. The commonality of a working agenda and the commitment to realizing the decisions reached makes a team great. Every team leader must have a shared clear agenda of what is to be discussed at every meeting and actions arising therefrom. The agenda gives focus and creates the rallying point for team actions, direction and objectives. When a team works with a defined common agenda, their efforts attract a higher performance and result.
  1. Complement each other. In a great team, every member has his/her own talent skills and expertise which complements those of others. Skills diversity and membership expertise in different disciplines make a team compact, complete and relevant in dealing with different problems. An admixture of different talents, skills and abilities provides a complementary support for team members and enhances their ability to proffer relevant and adequate solutions to difficult challenges.
  1. Have a goal blending session. Having a common agreement about the goals, objectives and the programs a team sets out to achieve is a strong force that delivers great result. Goal blending sessions are team building touch points where ideas are melted, and team member’s focus are unified into what every member agrees as the primary objective of the group.
  1. Sharing information. Information flow, both vertically and horizontally is a major success ingredient in a great team. The leader must ensure a fluidly information state where all members are communicated with the right information in a clear and timely fashion.
  2. Work for peace and harmony. For a team to be great, all members should work for peace and harmony. A peaceful team spirit will enhance friendliness, harmonious relationship, trust and supportive ambience for one another.



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