1. When team members don’t know and understand the goal or vision. Outstanding leaders know that lack of knowledge and understanding of the goal or vision is the number one killer of awesome results. A key element for getting awesome results is interacting with team members and finding out how much they know about vision, goals and what they understand by them.
  2. Different understanding of the desired destination. A leader needs to periodically survey the opinion of their teams by asking thought provoking questions about where the organization is headed to find out if team members truly know the destination. When the destination is not known, any point where the journey stops become the result of team efforts.
  3. Failure of team members to walk the talk. Not walking the talk leads to failure of initiatives and blame game. It is a recipe for poor results as the team will lack coherence, focus and alignment.
  4. When the leader believes that team members’ hands on experiences don’t matter. Individuals acquire hands on experience after doing a job over a period. The leader must create room for team members to share and use their hands-on experience to advance their daily activities. When this opportunity is not available, the team keep reinventing the wheel and positive result will be hampered.
  5. When blame game is allowed to flourish. Usually, when outcomes are far from planned results, there would always be a strong temptation for team members to apportion blames for failure. When a leader decides not to fix what is wrong and chooses to listen to explanations of who was wrong, it creates and reinforces blame game attitude in a team.
  6. When assigned tasks are jettisoned by team members. Results are direct products or outcomes when planned actions are carried out. There are some individuals who jettisons what has been assigned to them and do things totally different from the instruction given. Awesome results are products of coordinated actions by a leader and their team.


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