The first qualification in climbing the rung of leadership ladder is the ability of the individual to solve problems. Leaders are continuously in search of problem solvers. When they find any who can solve their problems, they stake whatever it takes to keep them. Similarly, individuals who feel trapped by one ailment or challenge begin their search for recovery by identifying key persons who can save them from their troubles. Being a problem solver is an enabler in climbing the ascendancy ladder.

The process of conquering to get to the top will require networking with the key people. Networking will require both alliance formation and sometimes apprenticeship – a time to be mentored by someone with higher and a superior knowledge leader. All these activities involve social skills to build and oil relationship. You cannot get to the top if you are habitually quarrelsome, unwilling to share information or ideas, and when you cannot function in a team. Working with others harmoniously will create a viable atmosphere for success and achievement of set goals. The ability to work with others is a key strength for anyone on his/her way to the top.

The journey to the top requires gratitude; to those who recommended you, to those who created the vacancies/opportunities and to those who picked you as a raw talent and polished you. No matter the height you have attained in life and the new heights you aspire to get to, you will need the help of a man. A God sent man that will take you to the top particularly when your individual preparation meets opportunity.

Yes, men can help get an individual to the top. But, to remain at the top and be relevant will depend on that individual’s ruthlessness to make an impact.  The resolve and determination to succeed while at the top will depend on whether the individual is willing to commit whatever it takes for success to be achieved. This includes paying the price of struggling before attaining stability.

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