1. Find out your leadership purpose by asking questions. To understand your purpose, you need to ask questions. The biggest question you need to ask is that of self-interrogation with many whys! Why did you acquire your skills or education? Was it to earn a living or to solve problems for other people? Why did you choose to stay in your present city? Why are you not doing something different from what you currently do? To drive a vision, any leader must discover the reason behind every why question. They must keep asking the why question until the answers become altruistic, believable, actionable and dependable. The leadership motivation must be drawn from the many answers the leader derives by asking the why question at every point before embarking on every task, event or initiative.
  1. Listen to your heart or inner self and be clear about what makes you happy. For some leaders, their purpose first appears as their burden, passion or innermost desire of what they intend to achieve. It is that subject that drives them crazy each time it surfaces, and they always want to add their voice to its discussion. Leaders can discover their purpose through scrutiny of their hearts and finding that important thing, person, place or issue that excites or creates happiness in them. A purpose driven life and its huge sense of accomplishment gives greater satisfaction than food, position, office, property or title. Listening to the heart is not a matter of discovering the rhythm of our heart’s beats. It is the understanding of what the heart dictates about the essence of life, the relief of doing a thing and the satisfaction derivable from doing it.
  1. Do the things you are crazy about or your pain points. For some individuals, they discover purpose by doing what they truly love and are crazy about. For others, their discovery of purpose was facilitated by their painful experiences or losses which opened their eyes to a world of new realities. Leaders should not be in a hurry to castigate incidents or events that bears disadvantageous consequences from the face value because they do not want stress. They must ask themselves why the event happened to them and what lessons can be drawn from it. Purpose usually comes in disguise and sometimes in the least expected places. The events of life become natural emergency calls that draws the attention of the individual to their life fulfilling purpose
  1. Identify who will benefit or impacted by the things you do. When a leader begins to discover the purpose of what their true essence is, they must go the next step to find out those who will benefit or be impacted from their actions. One element of purpose is that it is locational and directional. It serves both a place and specific individuals. The job of the leader is to first identify the location, individuals, meet them and make the purpose a meaningful part of their lives and drive it with energy.

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