The abbreviation DNA is a medical terminology which means deoxyribonucleic acid. The DNA is the material in the cells of organisms called chromosomes, that carries their distinctive features or fundamental characteristics. DNA largely remains unchanged and are the identifiable characteristics a parent passes to their offspring. Have you ever heard of DNA tests?

The most essential feature of DNA from which the process derives its significance are the distinctive identities that are unique to the bearer alone. A DNA is majorly an internal factor and exists in all living things.

For a leader, their DNA are the internal characteristics that makes them distinctive in whatever they do. No matter your leadership assignment, whether to lead a group, a team or an organization, there must be key behaviors that drive your actions. These internal characteristics are what makes you succeed or fail in the leadership assignment.

As a leader, it is about time for you to turn the searchlight inwards and ask yourself several questions like the following;

  1. What is my dream as a leader?
  2. Where did that dream come from?
  3. What do I intend to achieve from this dream?
  4. Who are those who shall benefit from this dream?
  5. Do I have the right qualities to achieve this dream?
  6. What are my major strengths?
  7. What are my weaknesses?
  8. What do I need to change in me to get the result I want?


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