Many individuals who are leaders today didn’t really set out to be who they are now at the beginning. They are as surprised as others, with what they can do. Many have doubted themselves that they were incapable of achieving many things in time past. A few years later, they found out to their chagrin that they have broken their own personal records. What changed? They made new discoveries of their inner power or leadership DNA and surprised themselves with results that surpassed their earlier imaginations.

Never believe the myth that leaders are born. Every man or woman has in their DNA what is required of them to be successful leaders. The difference between one individual and another is that whereas one made a discovery of their leadership DNA, the other is buried in the rubbles of ignorance. Some persons who have discovered their inner strengths knew it either coincidentally or accidentally. For those of you who want to make a conscious discovery, the following six steps will help you discover your leadership DNA

  1. Find out your interest, that one thing you love doing and be hungry to go about it. I like the looks I sometimes get from some young people whenever I ask them what they want to be in another five years. Some actually share with me their great ambitions, of being entrepreneurs, business leaders, footballers, actors, and professionals that would be known nationally and internationally. Nice stories indeed. When you probe further what steps they are taking that will move them to that destination, you begin to hear cranking stories. Your area of interest and inner hunger is the first pointer to your leadership DNA. Your system will respond faster, with better passion and will create the adaptive qualities that can help you achieve the result. Whenever you are hungry to do a thing, adjust your mind and body by taking steps that will help you achieve it. Your inner qualities will begin to show up.
  2. Imitate the actions you like. Most things we started doing in life were started by imitation. We imitated those who were walking, talking, dancing or singing and we started doing similar things. But when it comes to leadership, we want to carve a niche from day one. It doesn’t happen that way. To discover your DNA, begin to imitate role models that you like and do some of the things they are doing. While imitating them, your true personality begins to emerge and you start posting new actions and results. That is innovation. Imitating your mentor, celebrity or idol and mimicking their performances is an indirect way for you to build and develop your inner leadership DNA.
  3. Practice and keep practicing. As soon as your pattern begins to emerge, you must keep developing it by constant practicing. Every sportsman or woman know they only get better through practicing. Constant practice builds resilience, stamina and better performance. It polishes the talents and makes it refined, unique and responsive to the needs of a competitive environment.
  4. Take advantage of available roles and give it your best. As your confidence level begins to improve, seek for opportunities to showcase your talent and strength. The best way to start is to give voluntary services. Build your leadership DNA by taking up voluntary activities in churches, mosques, clubs, political associations and social groups. Through dedication and continuous development, your leadership qualities get noticed and you can move up in the ladder of leadership
  5. Find out what you are best at doing. You may have started with several activities, but you will soon observe some dominant traits that differentiates your ability from others. At this stage, your leadership DNA has become distinguishable and your result delivery has become enhanced.


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