Each time I address a group of people, the feedback I get is something like I know I am a leader, I am just waiting for when the ripe time comes or when I get appointed. The impression being created is that their inner leader can only be released at a given time or when they are appointed into high office. These are wrong beliefs some individuals hold about leadership. The truth is, every leader must manifest his/her inner leader daily and its attribute must be visible in all their endeavours. You must not wait for the ripe time. Indeed, now is the ripe time. Also, you don’t need to be appointed to show your inner leader, do it every day. The following six (6) steps will help you release your inner leader daily.

  1. Be curious. Curiosity is the ability to educate yourself about what is happening to you and your environment. It is being nosey for information, mastering it and using it to your advantage. When I engage my team members, I usually raise general questions. The purpose is not to test their intelligence but to know their curiosity level. Your inner leader cannot be awakened if you are dormant, insensitive and devoid of information about happenings around you. Get to meet and know people. Find out about developments in all fields around you and use this information to improve yourself. How curious are you?
  2. Be adventurous. Timidity and fearfulness is a callous destroyer of inner leadership. Timid people are fearful of everything, even their own shadows. To bring out your inner leader, you must rise above your fears and be willing to try out new ideas or experiences. Being adventurous is a choice. It means you have identified some risky ventures and you are willing to take a swipe to achieve it. It requires you to be daring, audacious and unperturbed about negative consequences. If you don’t dare, you will never succeed at anything. Learn to dare difficult things and win your battles.
  3. 3. Don’t let failure deter you. Trying many things does not necessarily mean you will succeed in all of them. Certainly, you can never become a success without trying anything. The thing you must know is that it is okay to fail when you try. What is not okay is allowing failure to deter you. Every man or woman who wants to bring out their inner leader must learn how to deal with failure. Failure is an event and not a destiny. Any man who has never failed is an example of a person who has not attempted great things. Use experiences of failure to build your success pillars.
  4. Believe in yourself. The best prophecy you can give yourself is the positive fulfilling prophecy, that you have what it takes to succeed in life. You must say to yourself everyday that you are a success packaged to happen somewhere. Self confidence is real, but must be based on your ability to endure stress and deliver results. Stay away from other people who sees nothing but failure or inability in you. If you can’t stay away from them, make sure you drown their negative comments with your capability statements.
  5. Get challenged by the experiences of others. You need to read and learn about the successes of other individuals and get challenged. Consciously and deliberately, the success stories of others should not awe you, but drive you to achieve your dreams. If they were able to achieve the feat they talked about, you can do more. What you need is a little push and you will get there. Learn to push yourself continually to achieve your target. When you don’t necessarily feel like doing a thing, do it. Move on to the next important task and your inner leader will manifest.
  6. Compete against yourself and your own records. It’s always a great celebration when records are broken, and new ones are set. To bring out your best inner leader, learn to compete against yourself. If an assignment took you 5 hours the last time, improve by doing it in 4 hours, then 3,2 and 1. Your personal proficiency in whatever you do can only get better when you compete against yourself and break your previous records. That is when your inner leader will be a bomb to people around you


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