1. Those who tell you that you can get anything without working for it. Leadership is about solving problems; however, the solutions must be methodical, and process based. When you work with a leader, learn how they solve problems, your problems and be a part of the solution by playing your roles. The solution to passing exams is reading your books. The solution to financial independence is working; by exchanging your time through rendered services for payments or by creating wealth through value exchange. Any person who claims that you can pass your exam without reading or you can become rich without working for it is fake. Unfortunately, either due to laziness or poor economy, most Nigerians flock around people who promise them easy money, miracles and instant solutions to their problems. At the end, most of them get fleeced. Stay away from leaders who won’t show you how to get the result you desire but promise to give it to you through their own means and connections.
  2. Those who tell you that you can only succeed when you give money to them or their projects. We live in a society where everyone is filled with the quest to succeed. The desire to succeed has become the weakness of many people, and they are ready to get it through short cuts. We hear of leaders today who boast of making others rich, because those individuals gave money to their projects or agencies. They give the impression that if you give me money, you will get it back with 1000% increase. You must be a gambler to believe such garbage. The truth is that so many Nigerians have become both physical and spiritual gamblers. The principle of gambling is the same, no matter who is using it. I know someone will say I thought you were a Christian, why don’t you believe in miracles. I believe in God and that he blesses but the principles of God as far as getting blessing is concerned must follow biblical teachings.
  3. Those who claim great achievements, but don’t tell the stories of how it was done. Don follow leaders who make unverifiable claims of super achievements, but do not have visible means of livelihood. It amazes me why so many individuals have become so gullible. Someone comes up with a story of how he/she became instant millionaire and you want to commit suicide because you are eking out a living. Na wa for you oooh. How do you know that the story you just heard is true? Of what value or impact is that story to you? Why should you leave the pursuit of your life goals and vision and go after some stories told by some person you don’t know or whose credibility aren’t guaranteed? Please wake up and do the right thing
  4. Those who ask you to serve them but forbid you to support your parents and relations because they are your enemies. There are leaders who love you because of what they get from you but forbid you from doing the same to your parents or relations because they claim they are evil. They take your money, collect gifts from you and demand your loyalty but you can’t do same to your siblings. Don’t you see that this logic is turned upside down here. Be careful of such leaders. Leadership is about service and doing good. You must find a nexus between your vision, those you are serving and balance out your actions without leaving your family to suffer
  5. Those who will never invest in your betterment. A good leader invests in their followers and team members, by helping to develop and realize their potentials, pointing out their strengths, empowering them, to achieve their dreams. Between the leader and follower or team member, the flow of current must be in both directions. A leader who always demand and get things from you without investing in your betterment is exploitative and a burden to the follower. The easiest way to break off such yoke is by cutting off relationship from such individual or group.

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