1. Leadership principles are learnable. Every leader must rise to the understanding that leadership principles are learnable. They must research into biographies, autobiographies, books and materials written by great leaders, to to identify the key principles for success. To overcome the myth that leaders are born or made, they should rather focus their energy on growing their leadership potentials. The great works of Warren Buffet, Myles Munroe, Richard Branson, John Maxwell and other renowned leadership gurus can transform any individual from the life of a mediocre to a world class problem solver.
  2. The knowledge of leadership principles give outstanding results when it is adapted to suit our environment. Leadership principle thrive unequally in different environments and culture. Leadership principles may be universal, but its applicability is localized. The most important self-engagement a leader must have is how to domesticate principles that gave great results in other climes in their own locality. We have seen leaders make mistakes by copying principles that worked in other nations and applying same back home. Instead of getting the result their mentors o their models got, theirs became the direct opposite. There is nothing wrong in adopting a proven principle that worked elsewhere, only if you adapt it to suit your environment and circumstances.
  3. Leaders are guided by principles which gives them results. This codes states that leaders stick to proven principles that works and generates results for them. As an individual climb the ladder of leadership, either through observation, experimentation, experience or default, they do discover activities or actions that gives them instant results. Leaders stick to actions, programs or sometimes people or locations, that appears to them like natural habitats. The discovery of the place and individuals where and with whom a leader secures outstanding results, is one of the greatest lessons of a lifetime.
  4. Results are a product of leadership discipline. The saying that nothing good comes easy is borne out of experience by some individuals. For a leader, no remarkable result can be gotten without self-discipline, patience, dedication and focus on doing the same thing repeatedly. Leadership is not a trial and error venture. It is a discipline that exerts energy continuously until the results manifest. It may take days, weeks, months or years but results answer to a disciplined lifestyle. No leader should count the length of time it takes to get a thing done, so they don’t get discouraged. They should rather work on themselves to remove impatience, lethargy, depression and dumping of their vision to pick up a lesser assignment.
  5. Leaders record outstanding results by working with other people. No leader can build his/her dream alone, without getting help and support from others. To walk and work with other people requires self-discipline and patience. A leader must accommodate the inadequacies and excesses of team members or followers while working with them. No matter the giftings and energy level of a leader, there is limit as to how much they can achieve in a day. Working synergistically with other persons make a leader achieve greater cumulative results, thereby making more impact.

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