Globally, successful leaders are known to have habits or repeated behaviours that give them their outstanding results.

Being successful have been traced to the habits of leaders. You cannot succeed if your habits are not those that drive successful results. Modern research has shown that 95% of successful people have well defined habits.

Habits separate the resourceful from failure, the visible from the obscure and the known from the unknown.  If you want to be successful in whatever you do, there are distinctive habits that will shape the results you will generate. Seven distinctive trademark habits of successful leaders are as follows:

  1. 1. Be clear about your purpose. The habit of clarity of purpose is what separate successful people from failures. Clarity of purpose is knowing why a thing is being done, the objectives and those who stand to benefit. A leader must form the habit of asking the “why questions” and must be clear with the answers that they proffer.
  1. Know the results ahead of your actions. The habit of knowing the results you intend to achieve will define the type of actions you take. If you want to be a business executive, there is no need for you to hang out with touts at the motor park. Leaders define their results ahead in clear terms to define their destination.
  2. Know the competencies and location of the people who will help you get the planned result. It is great to know what to do, why you want it done and the results you intend to get. However, you cannot succeed in isolation. You need help from some individuals who will help you achieve the result you anticipate.
  3. Be ready to do risky things to get what you want. To succeed means you as the leader is ready to do some risky things. To take risk sometimes means doing things that appears logically insensible, going against group thinking and convention to achieve your goal. Successful leaders make risky adventure a key part of their actions and their success comes from their ability to stake their belief in what they do.
  4. You must see both winning and losing as games and ensure you play to win. This habit takes the leaders personality and emotions away from their actions. When they make decisions, it is to the intent that they want to win and make impact. Leaders see both winning and losing as games, but they do all it takes to win always. When they win, they celebrate and move on to the next game with the objective of doing greater things. When they lose, they find out why they lost and move on to the next game with a positive mentality to win it soon.
  1. Be known for whom and why you do what you do. It must not take the leader years to be known for those who will ultimately benefit from their actions and why they are the focus of their many activities. The habit of creating a community of beneficiaries and why they qualify for their activities makes the leader successful because their impact can easily be measured among the group.
  2. Declare your principles and live by them. Successful leaders are in the habit of declaring their principles and making their team members see why they do what they do. They show typical examples of objectivity, honesty and integrity. To declare your principles means you don’t want your members to second-guess your intentions, neither do you want them to misunderstand your actions.


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