1. They enjoy working with other people. Awesome leaders enjoy working with people irrespective of their status, age or rank. They know that great ideas can come from anyone who thinks and is solution oriented. They like diversities and like working with different set of people all the time. They know that freshness of ideas resides in diversities and they explore the benefits therein.
  2. They are clear about what they want. Awesome leaders are very clear about what they want to achieve, and they communicate same information to all team members. They set specific objectives and keep clarifying issues around it to give focus and direction to team members.
  3. They don’t go for second best. Awesome leaders are in the habit of attracting the best hands and solutions in all their endeavours. When they want to constitute a team, they hire the best hands available. They don’t compromise solutions neither do they use substandard materials in producing goods or services.
  4. They choose to respond instead of reacting to issues. Awesome leaders select their approach and do not fall to temptation of the spur of the moment. They think and plan for today and the future. When events occur, they chose their words carefully and strategically respond to the issues and avoid being personal.
  5. They think before they act. Awesome result-oriented leaders see thinking as a deliberate act of engaging the intellect or brains to produce thoughts or ideas about a defined act, thing, place or events. This enables him/her to make sense of, interpret, make conclusions or predictions about past, present and future events/occurrences.
  6. They create multiple solutions and select the best fit for the problem. Leaders who achieve awesome results are those who approach problem solving from matured premising. They do this by seeking multiple solutions to their challenges by exploring multi-dimensional approaches to solving problems.
  7. They are defenders of their teams and not destroyers. No team is immune to mistakes or errors. Awesome result-oriented leaders don’t become livid with anger because a team member made mistake or failed in their assignments. They rather defend their people, build them up and protect them against the vagaries of failure and contempt.

8.They reward excellence. Excellence is one attribute of awesome results. Awesome result oriented leaders seek to excel in whatever they do and leave behind ripples of success. When they find excellence works of their teams, they commend and reward it to motivate others.

  1. See bigger and newer pictures. Generally, there are usually sight gaps between what leaders see and what the followers see, and many wonder why this is so. Awesome leaders see the bigger picture and they use their daily conversation with their team to continuously introduce new dimension of their work to sustain the excitement.
  2. Bring out the best from people. Awesome leaders have one habit – to challenge their teams to give the best always. They see potentials in their members which are yet visible, and they create “I can do it” spirit in them.
  3. Giving feedback. Leaders with the habit of giving feedback to team members achieve much more than their peers who does the opposite. Feedback on policies, products or services can be given during casual conversations, group meetings and from professional colleagues with the aim of gaining insight to other people’s understanding of happenings.
  4. Listen more and be the last to speak during meetings. Awesome leaders cultivate the habit of being the last to speak during meetings. They listen attentively to the opinion of team members and only step in to clarify issues if necessary.


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