1. Lack of ability to execute your plan based on your conviction. I know you had a great idea when you started, and it felt good. You were sure you will succeed, and your actions will be the bomb. Here you are down the line, and everything seems to have gone haywire.
  2. Following the crowd. Leaders face the temptation of leaving their dreams to pursue those of their contemporaries because they find them making waves and recording huge success. Nothing succeeds except you keep working at it. It may appear as if you are not making progress but that is the best time to keep your dreams alive.
  3. Having “i know it all” mentality. No matter how much you know, everyman has a blind spot. Leaders who have “I know it all” mentality do not go far as they are usually stopped by their arrogant ignorance.
  4. Being incorrigible. Being fearful or incorrigible has been the major reason why many leaders failed in their endeavours. Fear is a delimiting force that reduces motivation, willingness to act and compels their victims to be immobile and docile.
  5. Surrounding yourself with your lackeys. It is easy to know a leader who will succeed by studying the people around them. Great leaders who are success minded recruit and engage highly talented and resourceful people around them.
  6. Failure to take risk. The failure to take risk is the recipe for failure. Risk taking, and risk leading are some of the qualities that distinguishes one leader from another. If you don’t take risk for small or great things, you can never be a successful leader
  7. Failure to listen to advice. I have often heard the expression, had I known I would have taken the advice of Mr. J. Decision making by leaders is not meant to enhance the ego of the person but to take the course of action that will serve the greater interest of all.
  8. Refusal to learn from successful mentors. Success minded leaders find it more enriching by learning from mentors and coaches. They read, watch videos and attend Master classes of these leaders and work towards developing one-on-one relationship with them.
  9. Always blaming other people. Most unsuccessful leaders are fond of blaming other people for their failures. They blame the weather, government, their family, colleagues, team members or devilish forces for being behind their failures.
  10. Always thinking of yesterday’s successes. Yesterday is gone, today is reality and tomorrow are a blank cheque. What will happen tomorrow depends on today’s actions and not what happened yesterday.

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