1. Firm belief in what you do. For a leader, you must believe in what you do and express strong faith in it. Indeed, the actions of the leader flows from the degree of faith and trust they have on their vision and mission statement.
  2. Make the people you work with your best friends and allies. The greatest allies of a leader are the team members. Every leader must develop the habit of working and building strong alliance with their teams. When a leader places friendship, relationship and members welfare in focus, their loyalty becomes elevated and commitment is enhanced.
  3. Focus on your results and actions. The habit of consistent focus on results will command effective actions. Leaders achieve more when the result is shared and understood by team members and actions designed are faithfully implemented by everyone.
  4. Celebrate victories and those who made it happen. Corporate achievements are a team sport and the results manifest when individuals aggregates their efforts. When a team achieves a feat, the leader must roll out the drums and celebrate the members for their performance and attainments.
  5. Make your work fun filled. Leading with a strait face and uncompromising seriousness does not mean the leader will achieve all their goals. Sometimes, the leader must bring in humor, candor and sharing of jokes to ease tension, promote understanding and thereby calm down the nerves of the team.
  6. Be resourceful and dependable. Resourcefulness is a great trait that will stand out a leader, any day. A leader must not run out of ideas on any subject of their leadership, neither should they lack motivational words to tell the team during crisis.
  7. Ask questions that elicit responses. Leaders use the art of questioning to elicit responses and gain in-depth understanding of what their members think about their programs.
  8. Be positive always. No matter the depth of darkness, there is always a silver lining on top of it. What a leader sees changes the perception of their teams. Being positive changes the atmospherics and creates a force that beats inaction, negativism and depression. The winning habit of positivity changes a leader’s result and team orientation to achieve better engagement, team spirit and corporate unity.
  9. Keep records of activities. A good record keeping is a winning habit for successful leaders. Whether the records are transitionary, people, events and places, they represent the collective memory of the leader, their team and their accomplishments.
  10. Raise the stake. Successful leaders never hit a target and go to sleep. They keep thinking of new territories yet to be conquered and new projects yet to be executed. They continuously review their programs and set new targets daily or periodically. They never say never, as their motivation to achieve something new keep pushing them to new accomplishments.


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