Dr. Godwin Orovwiroro’s latest book, imaginatively entitled The Secrets of Highly Impactful Leaders is published in 2018. The Book has 352 pages and is presented in 20 Chapters. It has a fine-looking cover. With its paperback edition cover of blue, yellow gold with black lettering and blue background. The inside papers are printed in black on light yellow paper. The cover is the first attraction. I am not so shallow to purchase a book based solely on the cover, but a well-designed cover and an author I respect are enough reasons to purchase and read a new book.

The Preface is written by a four-time Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Alabo Tonye O. Graham Douglas, OFR, GSSRS. The Foreword is written by George Izunwa, the Lead Pastor, Gateway International Church. A legal luminary and colossus, Hon. O. C. J. Okocha, MFR, SAN, found time to write incisive Comments.

The Secrets of Highly Impactful Leaders is published in Nigeria by Lead Masters Academy. The quality of the design, print and finishing, is testimony of the availability of domestic competence in the print and publishing industry.


The Secrets of Highly Impactful Leaders is the 5th Book written by Dr. Orovwiroro. His other books are:

  1. Smart CEO’s Leadership Execution (2016);
  2. 26 Leadership Laws of Transforming the Workplace (2014);
  • Perception Rewiring In Service Marketing – A Power Sector Toolkit (2012), and
  1. Relationship Marketing in Nigeria – A Functional Approach (2009).


On an average of one book every two years, Dr. Orovwiroro, has proved that he did not chance on to the publishing world. While many know him as the Head, Customer Services, Port Harcourt Electricity distribution Company (PHED), Dr. Orovwiroro is truly a writer, teacher, public policy commentator, motivational speaker and founder of Masters Leadership Academy. The Academy is a global leadership and executive coaching platform.


The author is also a visiting lecturer to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Class at the University of Port Harcourt Business School. He holds a post-graduate degree in Public Relations, Marketing, Business Administration, and Certifications in various disciplines.

Godwin Orovwiroro’s passion for creating Leadership skills and relationships could be said to be the inspiration and motivation for yet one more book on Leadership.



I have read the book “The Secrets of Highly Impactful Leaders” with the eyes of a learned person with experience in public service, civil society and the academia. Reading the book, I am in no doubt that I still have a lot of knowledge to acquire in the school of leadership just like I now understand why leaders act in certain ways.


With the calibre of persons who wrote the preface, foreword and comments, reviewing “The Secret of Highly Impactful Leaders” has been made a lot easier.

  • Summary

The book has twenty (20) instructive and explanatory chapters in which the author proffers and examines the intrinsic qualities of leaders whose leadership exudes an usual impartation on any environment they exists, with acceptable personal improving qualities.

The book is a detailed evaluation of what other leaders in the society especially our country Nigeria have done. Their positive impacts on the society and followership. Nineteen (19) of the chapters open with a focus on brief introductions to identifiable persons in society who have exhibited the secret of leadership that the Chapters discuss.

The author emphasized on a few secrets of impactful leaders, stating that Impactful leaders are often dependent on the energy quotient of the sum total of the leaders physiological and anatomical disposition in managing his day, which consist of twenty- four (24) hours. The effective result of this 24 hours evaluates a person’s leadership skills.

The Book presents the Author’s point of view as to what defines good leadership. While the textbook definition of leadership, presents social influence and support of others as necessary to help a leader accomplish the goal set, the author convinces the reader that they are not enough ingredients in the making of impactful leadership.

The combination of both brains and heart to accomplish goals and to create impact are revealed as a secret of impactful leadership.

The author corroborates the position of a long generation of writers who hold that leadership is not a title, and a leader is not someone designated by hierarchy or corporate structure. We are all Leaders, in all levels, within the organization, or community we are involved in. Leaders are seen in all walks of life. Leaders are individuals who step up and want to create their mark in the world. They are obsessed with making a difference and creating positive change.
The Secrets of Highly Impactful Leaders is for those who are looking to feed this obsession and better themselves to better the world around them. The book discusses the Top 20 competencies that set apart impactful leaders and takes the reader through the knowledge, skills and dispositions that combine to produce impactful leaders.

  1. Who is the audience? Did the author communicate effectively to that audience?

The author did not specifically identify an audience to whom the Book is addressed. From the title, one would be tempted to believe that he is writing for the outsider who wants to study and understand Leaders. But in reality, the author has written a Book for the public. His audience would range from the youth who want to lead and serve, to those who are already leaders but may not even know it. With the Book, every citizen now has a mobile Leadership Academy.

The Author has communicated effectively the message of how to be a leader, the characteristics of leaders, the thinking of leaders.

  • What sources were used? Does the author use many quality academic sources to support what was written?

The strength of The Secrets of Highly Impactful Leaders lies partly in the copious reference and reliance on statements and quotations by leading scholars, Leaders in various sectors of the global economy, and Writers on Leadership, whose life experiences can be described as truly remarkable. The extensive use of these quotation could be assumed to mean that the Author has read the works he relied upon. While acknowledging the works of other writers before him, the author may inadvertently have put the other authors out of business as readers are more likely to treat this Book as a Readers’ Digest of the Habits and Secrets of Impactful or Effective Leaders, and refrain from buying and reading the other Books.

Though not explicitly stated, the Book draws extensively from the Scriptures and the Leadership principles of Jesus Christ; a point made by Pastor George Izunwa, in the Foreword. Christians and readers of the Holy Bible would easily identify with the references to Leadership from the Heart, the Love of People, Character, Authenticity, Gratitude, Faith, Risks, Sacrifice, taking the journey one day at a time, bringing out the best in others, and believing for the impossible!

The second of the New Testament Commandments, “you shall love your neighbour as yourself” finds a home in chapter fourteen (14) of the book, where the author enjoins us to “Love the people to make a difference” The author made a critical point about the scope of Love, how leaders build love for their people, know that people have potentials  and are willingly to help them improve on them, understand that people grow with time, realise that their people are the biggest reward of their leadership and their security also comes from the people. Love is the panacea for sustainable impactful leadership.  Love is all about service and without service, you can’t effectively be an impactful leader. It is a key factor in any leadership skills, Love of an impactful leader summarizes every action done or carried out by a leader even in a worst-case scenario of wilful or accidental ugly conflicts, as stated in the preface by Alabo Tonye O. Graham Douglas.

  1. What are the authors presuppositions/preconceived notions? Does the author assume his/her readers to have a certain background or information?

The Author has made no assumptions that the Reader is knowledgeable about the world of Leaders and Leadership. Reading through the Book, I concluded that the Author’s assumption is the right approach in this matter. His assumption that the Reader knows nothing about the Secrets of Impactful Leaders, is apt. We live in a society where citizens proudly proclaim a Leadership problem and do not acknowledge that leadership and followership have the same citizens recruitment base.

In the circumstance, the Author as written a Book for every person who has no prior knowledge about Leadership. He has provided basic information on the issues addressed in the Book. At the risk of Readers being turned off by the volume of the Book, the Author took a stand that the quest for knowledge would overwhelm the lethargy of reading.



  1. Strengths

The greatest strength of the Book is in the effort to be an Encyclopaedia of Leadership Literature.

Through the several quotations credited to great men and women from various climes, and recollection of several real-life events, the author was able to highlight lessons to be learnt from them, a point made by the Hon. O. C. J. Okocha, MFR, SAN, in his Comments.

Helpful and useful commendations have been made in the book on the management of general and personal security challenges.

The Book is not abstract. The Author has dealt with several real-life problems that the Reader could easily identify with. Learning how past leaders dealt with these challenges on a day to day basis, adds value to the Book.


  1. Weaknesses

The only weakness of this Book lies in its strength. The many references and quotations, while imparting knowledge and interest are also likely to distract from the central theme of the Book. It is an irony that the same factor that helps in corroborating and consolidating the points, could serve as a weakness.

Be that as it may, the author sure has surplus evidence in favour of every assertion he makes.


The book The Secrets of Highly Impactful Leaders, is for every person at whatever stage we are at on our leadership journey. The emphasis in Chapter 11 on Recognizing Rising Stars resonance with those of us who are concerned with building leadership succession. Leadership is not just about forming our own values, vision and goals. It is also about embracing rising stars, seeing them as friends and colleagues rather than as adversaries or ambitious people.

The point must be made that leadership is not an easy thing. While the book may be an easy read, you can feel free to dip in and out whenever, one cannot but point out that learning leadership is not a one- book-and- you’re-done deal. A couple of seminars does not make a leader. The upside is that you can learn leadership, but it must be clear that this is a continuous learning process and one which requires time and energy on an ongoing basis. The Secrets of Highly Impactful Leaders is a starting point for new interest and a Checkpoint for every citizen in our natural role as Leaders.

Like the elder Statesmen, Alabo T. O. Graham-Douglas and the Hon. O. C. J. Okocha, MFR, SAN, I commend this Book to the public, and congratulate Dr. Godwin Orovwiroro on another good book.


Hon. Nimi Walson-Jack

Executive Director

Rivers state Bureau for Public-Private Partnerships

6A Harley Street, Old GRA,

Port-Harcourt. Rivers State.



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