1. Future events will blow the minds of the uninformed people. For those who think we have seen so much technological advancement, they will be shocked to see a much higher impact of how technology will rule over our lives in the future. For those many Nigerians who can cast their minds back to the sixties and seventies, the type of cars that adorned our roads are probably in the museums today. Similar things will happen in the next forty or fifty years where some of the cars and gadgets of today may be nothing but antiquities. Already, the future is pointing towards electric powered cars to replace fossil fuel powered ones. This is no good news to oil producing countries like Nigeria who will soon lose a huge chunk of its international exports quota due to emerging technologies in the automobile sector.
  2. They know that today leaders will disappear, and new ones will emerge. A close look at the political and economic climes will reveal that leadership is not constant. The great leaders that birthed Nigeria, like the Awolowos, Azikiwes, Macaulays, Enahoros, Balewas etc have disappeared and have been replaced by new ones. The same goes for other nations and the international scene.

No matter the accomplishment of any leader today, their achievements will be confined to the annals of history because new and better leaders will appear to shape the future. History may be kind to such leaders to document their accomplishments, but others will continue to emerge.

  1. They understand that people’s respect and loyalty will shift. Give it time, the most ardent follower of a leader will experience waning respect and shift in loyalty. It is rare to see examples of loyalty forever, so a leader should not be disillusioned when it happens. Followers and team members keep evolving and it is the worse for a leader who hits the ceiling in their primes – those who have stopped growing and are now depreciating. For continuous loyalty, the leader should lay out the principles and give room to their followers to express themselves and self-actualize their dreams. Where this is difficult or impossible, a shift of loyalty is inevitable.
  2. Great empires will become territories. Historical evidence abounds of several empires in the medieval past that are today relics or fractional components of other empires or mere territories. A leader should plan both for continuity and contingency in terms of what will happen and what could lead to disintegration. Great businesses like Kodak and Blackberry have disappeared for iPhones because of new gadgets with better capabilities.
  3. Thinkers will shape the future. Leaders must promote research, new thinking and piloting of new ideas on continuous basis. This is because the future is being shaped by thinkers and knowledgeable leaders.
  4. Those who innovate will survive better in the future. The leader of the future must embrace flexibility and continuous improvement concepts in designing goods and services to remain relevant in the market place. Innovation helps leaders to keep changing and adopting new methods to solving old problems for man and society.
  5. They don’t shy away from discoveries. Focused future leaders don’t shy away from emerging technologies. They rather take advantage of the opportunities they present to create new lines of products and services and use the technology to reinforce existing ones.
  6. They research into difficult problems and find solutions to lingering challenges. There are leaders whose specialty is finding solutions to problems created by others. The world is full of problems created by decrepit, insane and biased people who take pleasure in the suffering of others. Only a few people are out there trying to correct all the wrong things created by these people. When they succeed, the world becomes a better place for us all. If they don’t, we may be facing a great challenge of surviving a huge deluge of holocaust.


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