I was a guest at a recent event where several dignitaries and celebrities were also in attendance. It was a big leadership event. While the big names in various sectors like industry, media, politics and traditional institution where having a swell time with many people flocking to them to exchange warm pleasantries, a few others sat alone, and without company.

I have also had a lot of people say “I cannot go to a party where I am not invited or known” simply because they will not be recognized and celebrated. Does it always work that way? The answer is No. There are things a leader does that gives them instant attention, and heads will begin to turn in their direction. You don’t need to be a known name before you begin to win attention. You only need to do what is right and heads will turn in your direction and people will come asking for your contacts. In case you are a budding leader and you are attending one of such functions, what do you do to get them?

  1. Be loud. A lot of people are very timid in behavior and timidity can never give any one positive attention. Enter the event room in a big way and make some noise to draw attention. Be hilarious, cheerful, warm and lively. Greet people with energy and let them feel your presence. Be first to stretch out your hands and say some remarkable things to others. Entering the event hall and immediately going to get a seat means you want to be unnoticed. Spread some happiness around and infect the place with some love.
  2. Be weird. Have you ever wondered why people in showbiz or sports show up in events in dressings that others consider awkward or weird? Some of them believe that if they dress as every other person, they will not get attention. Sometimes, weird looking hairdo, makeup or speech will draw attention and leave indelible impressions in the minds of the audience. When next you are going to attend an event, ask yourself if your appearance is distinctively weird enough.
  3. Be emotive. People connect very easily with others who share the same emotions or exhibit high level emotional behaviours that others find unbearable. I know you have laughed, cried, shouted or felt depressed before. There are some people who have mastered the art of using their emotions to communicate messages that have drawn people away from their pains. Seize occasions that demand emotional empathy and use it to your maximum advantage. Heads will turn, and you will get massive attention. (To be Continued)

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