When talking to some leaders, I ask them two questions; what are you doing or what leadership programs are you running and why are you running those programs.

The “why” they run those programs define their purpose. Many individuals have lost their sense of purpose and are much more engrossed in activities. They want to run courses, seminars, learn new trade or visit new interesting sites. When you ask them why they are doing what they do or what they intend to do, they look at you with much surprise and try to come up with “emergency reasons” that make little or no sense.

For your life to count, you must ask yourself why you do what you are doing and get convincing answers. If you can’t find a good answer, slow down, do research or get advice from a coach or an experienced person in that field.

To embark on a venture without knowing and stating your purpose will lead to frustration and defeat in the short run. Make it a habit to write out what you are doing/what you intend to do and why you are doing it/will be doing it for you and any other person who cares, to read every day.

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