The reason why a lot of people are largely unproductive and cannot be exceptional in what they do is that they fail to win their first daily battle. The first battle everyone faces each day is the battle of the bed, the time they wake up and face the challenges of the day.

Many fail to win the battle of the bed because of poor preparation. When an individual has no gainful plan for a new day, they struggle on their bed and contemplate whether to wake up is the right thing to do or have more sleep every morning.

For others, bad habits like watching movies into late nights and partying through the night or engaging in unproductive nocturnal meetings could be the reason for their failure.

For individuals who are in struggle about winning their first battle, they need to get help using alarms or apps that can help them wake up early. They should set a target of waking up by 5.30 in the early hours of the day to prepare for the day’s challenges. Once they are awake, the motivation to get up from their beds will be derived by their vision for the day and the passion to achieve it.

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