Dear Friends/Partners,

It was on October 1, 2017 that Masters Leadership Academy officially launched the Blog, with the vision of creating the momentum for individuals to lead with remarkable exceptions.

Back then, we made a promise to our readers and blog visitors that Masters Leadership Academy through, shall promote the culture of leading with remarkable exceptions to all persons who will embrace its leadership writings and materials, knowledge sharing sessions, training, mentorship and it’s masterclasses aimed at equipping leaders.

Today, we have come strong and have learnt through the thick and thin. We have shared articles, quotes, training materials and engaged in masterminding budding leaders.


We are humbled when our avid readers tell us that they are in the habit of downloading our articles to train their staff and develop their leadership capabilities. One person specifically told me that the blog is the place he gets inspiration every morning. We thank God as we blush over these testimonials.


We thank our followers who are today more than 24,000 and resides in different parts of the world. The reality is we are now a global player, and we enrich the leadership capacities of all our followers.


We think of our Blog readers across the world and we thank them for their continuous visits to share their experiences and support. More importantly are those who watch over our activities, who continuously criticize us, so we don’t go astray from our chosen course. Kudos to you all.


Despite the impact we have made, we recognize our limitations which in some way has hampered us from carrying out some of our planned programs. We have since discovered that getting talented individuals to support our back-office operation is a difficult assignment. We tried getting the best hands but a few that came our way made our conditions worst than they met us. We don’t give up trying anyway.


Irrespective of these challenges we remain undaunted. Our vision is clear and the means to achieving it is expanding by the day.


Our brand is growing stronger and several industry players are coming to terms with our messages.


We feel encouraged to invest more resources into this venture because the momentum to build skills to lead with remarkable exceptions has just begun.


This is the person we have become today, creating the momentum for individuals to lead with remarkable exceptions.


Sincerely yours


Godwin Orovwiroro


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