Leaders are often confronted with difficulties when performing assignments, they are best suited and qualified for. They wonder what is in those assignments that make them record awful results particularly when they compare both their previous academic trainings and experiences.

There are two kinds of skills leaders possess for which they are rated for. Followers and keen observers look out for these skills in all leaders. They are hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills are quantifiable, measurable and tangible skills which a leader acquires through formal training, experiences and performance which qualifies an individual for a job or a leadership role. They can be academic qualifications, technical competences, field experiences or a combination of all of the above. They are the reason an individual gets a job.

Soft skills are personal intangible attributes a leader possesses that enable him/her to keep their roles, earn recognition and promotion faster than their peers. Soft skills are individual attributes, attitudes and habits that makes you relate well with others, generate positive and recognizable differences, perform same task with creativity and makes the individual stand out from every other person. They constitute the basic ingredients why some leaders succeed and why others fail in their assignments.

It is the key for social connection with other people. Soft skills are what leaders use to connect with their people. The team or followers will identify with a leader who share the same feelings, sentiments, humor and laughter over a matter the same way they do.

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