The discipline of building a great leadership culture should permeate the entire organization to create disciplined people who execute actions smartly. It helps the leader to identify what the people are best at doing, the passion behind the feat, which they integrate into their plan, to build a performance-based organization.

It is culture that drives organizations to performance and not the slogans of vision, mission and statements. Any vision, mission and statement not supported with strong culture values will always fail. This is eloquently evident in several failed organizations which had “state of the art” mission statement but lacked the culture to support them.

Executive leaders can develop intentional, culture driven, performance-based leadership by doing the following.

  1. Treating team members and company talents with respect and not like commodities that can be bought and disposed of at will.
  2. Building trust by being inclusive in matters affecting their work, welfare and this should be applied with long term goals as it affects performance.
  3. Showing to team members examples of how to lead by humility and empathy
  4. Creating a friendly atmosphere that promote healthy dialogue and showing respect to the opinion of others while not shutting them down
  5. Promoting general interest above all self-interest, and not being selfish.
  6. Executing plans that bring credibility to the organization and not those that emphasize individual attainments

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