The actions of a leader start with a thought or imaginations. Ideas are first created in thought form before they are birthed in reality. Imagination can be referred to as a nation of images. Simply put, everything a leader does is given birth to twice – first as an idea and then as reality. The challenge of leadership is that many ideas become stillbirths or at best, remain as ideas. To make your idea a reality demands mastering the skill of execution leadership awareness, which drives the full cycle of turning ideas to reality.

Leaders make things happen through imagination by using their mental faculties to frame images of things, people and places in the distant future, which are not currently connected to what they perceive through sight, hearing and other physical senses.

Leaders frame the future they desire and then choose the fastest and safest path that will take them to that future through their routine habits. Imagination can be enhanced by open mindedness and a borderless possibility thinking which believes that everything is possible.

These imaginations or dreams may essentially be difficult to bring to reality but a well-coordinated and dedicated implementation program simplifies its execution.

Change execution leaders establish a connection between their imagination and their goals –whether it is in a design, a product, a service or a result, and are emotionally committed to their realizations.

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