1. Develop incremental change initiative as against a radical system. Change is a learning process and should evolve incrementally. Incremental change goes through information sharing, concept acceptance, process ownership and being the change brand/agent. A radical approach to changing people and situations build resentment and resistance as it is viewed as imposition or executive tyranny.
  2. Make the change process an emotional and memorable fun. Any change initiative built around emotions of team members/employees will receive their appeal and will gain acceptance faster than anything else. The change must be built on workplace or community fun pillars that are most visited or talked about with everyday relevance to their lives, families and mostly their children.
  3. Create ceremonial events around the change initiative. Change initiatives built around ceremonies or company events are pivotal in constantly reminding employees about the significance of the event in the company calendar and profile. Executive leaders must understand and know how to use the power of unexpected and surprising acts of kindness to motivate team members to produce the kind of behavior they envisage. Acts of kindness are some of the most secured ways of celebrating change initiatives. Change that is driven by acts of kindness can be celebrated through emails, bulletins, newsletters, magazines and website announcements.
  4. Identify and remove obstacles that will make the change fade easily. The executive leader should identify and remove situations, policies and individuals whose presence could constitute a blockade to the change initiative gaining root or could contribute to its ineffectiveness.
  5. Celebrate and reward change champions. Employees and team members who achieve remarkable feats during change initiatives should be celebrated and rewarded with praises, promotions and financial incentives to create competitiveness and excellence

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