Reality means real facts or brutal truth which are totally opposite to pleasant words or lies about actual happenings. Leaders face realities which dawn on them after rigorous strategic thinking, planning, execution and evaluation stages.

Some 13 harsh realities which confront leaders can take any of the following shapes.

  1. The reality of a plan not being adequately scoped to cover areas of critical elements.
  2. The reality of falling behind in execution time by several weeks or months.
  3. The reality of inadequate budget to deliver a project or service.
  4. The reality of quality failure or poor delivery.
  5. The reality of people issues like crises, strikes and social upheavals.
  6. The reality of many macro-economic changes that adversely affects the philosophical fabric and planning considerations.
  7. The reality of executive team schism and board disagreements
  8. The reality of technology failure/inadequacy
  9. The reality of inadequate competence and preparation on the part of the leader/team members to deal with emerging challenges.
  10. The reality of the unknown, unplanned and neglected incident which could define the belief, culture and behavior of team members against proposed values.
  11. The reality of inadequate resource to deliver planned results.
  12. The reality of falling behind in ROI despite concerted efforts and using all available means and resources.
  13. The reality of under assessment and impart of financial models.

The leader’s first principle of dealing with reality is to have a true picture of themselves, team members, their activities and the results they are producing.

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