1. Leaders plan to achieve their purpose. A plan is not just a mental framework of a series of actions conceived for execution. It is much more. Whenever I engage leaders on any subject or project, the discussions are usually laced with heavy doses of passion and purpose. The simple test I have applied for years is to ask these persons to give me a two or five-page plan of their purpose. Many actually do not come back. A plan is a written document showing the entire picture of different parts and spacing intended purpose set to be achieved and details of several short activities or micro plans which on completion will help to achieve the intended purpose. The presence of a plan is not a guarantee for success, but its absence will precipitate failure.
  2. Leaders are obsessed about serving people (Customers). A defined audience are always the ultimate target of every plan. People are involved in plan implementation and are also impacted by the brunt or its benefits. Every executive must realize that success is a team sport- a combination of stringed efforts of all team members.
  3. Leaders make provisions for their team. After a plan is made, provision must be made for its successful translation from its abstract form to reality. Provision includes diverse resources like materials, manpower, investment and regulatory compliance to actualize the plan.
  4. Leaders Measure what they do. Until success is measured or polled, progress cannot be determined. Polls are evaluation techniques a leader uses to outline all key segments of initiatives and measures the level of achievement and deviation. Every leader polls their activities to determine where they have been, where they are and where they are going.


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