Leaders develop intentional living action plan when the vision is clearly defined, the mission is known and the journey to translate the vision to reality is scheduled to commenced.

The seven must do things as listed below will help you achieve instant success in your intentional living plan for 2019.

  1. Know what to do. The intentional living action plan must state in detail what tasks or activities are to be carried out by the leader and their teams, for them to convert their vision into reality.
  2. Know who to do it. Often time, a good plan can become hampered mainly because of the task being no body’s responsibility. No matter how good a plan is, if accountability by individuals is not built into it, the plan will fail.
  3. Know what is required to do it. The action plan provides for resource requirement and deployment. The resource requirement helps the leader arrange for the procurement of materials, logistics, men and works which are necessary to implement the plan as and when due.
  4. Know how to do it. Action plan is a document that provides strategies for implementing activities. It condenses the various policies, tactics and daily schedule of tasks that will guide the plan implementers to achieve the target. The ‘how to do it’ document helps to instill quality control and uniform standard of operation across board.
  5. Know what it should look like when it is done. The success of the action plan can be adjudged based on its final output. The final output will in turn be compared to the planned objective, vision and anticipated reality. The outcome should match what was planned.
  6. Know how to share the action plan document with your team. When a leader has put together an action plan, the document must not be kept to his/herself alone. If the document requires the participation of team members, it can no longer be classified as a private document. The leader must call a meeting of team members and, share the content of the document with them.




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