As we discuss the subject of purpose driven leadership, it became obvious that important characters drive purposefulness. Mike Myat has provided ten (10) criteria that could help a leader achieve purpose driven leadership. These characters are briefly described below in form of self-interrogation questions

  1. Character. Does the leader exact a consistent and enduring display of sound character regardless of circumstances, situational context or other influencing factors?
  2. Vision. Does the leader possess the ability to create a vision, a foresight with a clear and well-defined destination, align interests and sell the vision to management, staff and external stakeholders as well?
  3. Strategy. Does the leader have the ability to translate the vision into an actionable strategy to insure its success through resource deployment and alignment with current market conditions?
  4. Tactics. What tactical abilities does the leader use in differentiating between raw data and useful information in order to achieve objectives?
  5. Focus. Is the leader focused on the main business and does he/she understand that the important thing is to focus on the “major things” and not on the “minors”?
  6. Persuasiveness. Is he/she willing to lead by serving or showing example, building consensus, resolving conflicts, providing inspiration, instead of intimidating their team members?
  7. Likeability. Does he/she display good decision-making skills, high level of integrity, great interpersonal skills, likeability and are they people centric?
  8. Decisioning. Do they possess the ability to consistently make good and speedy decisions, willingness to be accountable for their actions and take risk when necessary?
  9. Team Building. Is the leader willing to work in teams, seek better methods, approaches and technology, create great teams throughout the entire value chain, develop and retain talents, surround themselves with the best professional advisors possible and openly seek the counsel of others in matters of importance?
  10. Results. Is he/she effective and productive in achieving results of set goals?


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