Today is my birthday. A special day to remember and express my immense gratitude to important personalities who have shaped my life and made me become who I am up till this moment. Today, I have chosen to celebrate these personalities by being thankful to them, both now and forever.

I am grateful to God for his kindness towards me and the favour he has shown me from birth till now. Despite the tortuous journey, he has always shown himself faithful. Today, I celebrate you, baba God for your unquantifiable mercies and favour.

I celebrate my family for their love, comfort and steadfastness during odd times. I celebrate my wife and children for standing by me and making me proud all these years. Bravo to you all

I celebrate my friends, loved ones, associates and partners, who have been both guide and companion. Today, I say thank you for being there, for giving me a listening ear, for tolerating my views, for giving me the moments of joy and peace which I cherish. Many thanks for your love.

I also celebrate my competitors, enemies and adversaries. But for them, I may not have discovered some strength, resilience and inner power to handle difficulties, overcome barriers and stand tall. Thank you for making my star to shine amid darkness.

Finally, the altitude lies in the future. As I approach this with reinvigoration, determination and focus on climbing new heights, I count on the unlimited grace of God to take me to another eventful year.

Friends, associates and family, my gratitude knows no measure as I celebrate another birthday.


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