1. A well-defined goal and focus. If you want to know a man or woman going somewhere, ask him/her what their goal is. One outstanding evidence for an organized life is a well-defined goal, a sense of purpose and unbreakable focus on what the individual is set to achieve in life.
  2. A daily schedule of what to do list. Organized leaders plan, and they do not allow interruptions to affect their daily schedules. They write out their activities on a schedule of to do list and work towards achieving them. They audit their performance from time to time to measure how much of their plan was achieved and where they are lagging.
  3. Budget for time and resources. Leaders and followers alike need to make budget and live within their means. One strong indication of an organized life is the way they align their needs with their resources.
  4. Disciplined living where everything has its place. Orderliness comes with discipline. Leaders who are disciplined know that there is both time and place for everything.
  5. Having predictable activities. If your life is organized, there will be some activities that will be central to what you do on daily basis. For individuals who are your ally or colleagues, they can predict your position or decision on a matter with some degree of certainty, because they have observed you over time.
  6. Meeting deadlines and schedules. Not forgetting schedules and promises made is a streak of organized people. Organized individuals know when their rents will fall due, when school fees will be paid and when other bills will come.
  7. You have time for work, play and family. Organized individuals know how to have a program of life work balance. There are several aspects of a man or woman that should be given equal attention. A leader must balance out their time for work, family, social and spiritual development.


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