Don’t repeat the year if you didn’t keep the promises you made last year. Be determined to be a promise keeper in 2019.

Don’t repeat the year if you sat at home most of last year doing nothing, hoping a miracle was on the way, which never arrived. Get up this year and start something small and build it up.

Don’t repeat the year by being unserious with your job or profession. Employers only keep dedicated and hardworking staff. If you need to get promotion or new results, you must change your approach to what you do to earn a living.

Don’t repeat the year if you kept procrastinating and postponing actions you should have taken which would have yielded immediate results. Know that time waits for no one and the time to act is now!

Don’t repeat the year if you were supposed to have gotten married, started a business or built a new house but you kept it in abeyance. You think you are still young but look at the mirror and see how old you have become.

Don’t repeat the year if you were supposed to have added a new qualification or skill to your kitty but you declined thinking there are no jobs, why should I bother. Preparation is the key that opens the door of opportunity; you may never be qualified for the higher position when the door of opportunity opens.

Don’t repeat the year if you were supposed to participate in elections and you stayed back home saying politics is not for people like me. Act to day and make a difference. Ensure you vote or be voted for to hold your leaders accountable.

Don’t repeat the year moving with the crowd thinking “we are the happening guys/baes”. Sit down and give a meaning to your life. Be ambitious and pursue something new. Your mates have made progress and you are living a life of lies.

Don’t repeat the year believing that the key to success lies in violence, voodoos, commercial crimes or taking what does not belong to you. Have a change of mind and be decent for once. Doing a clean business and living a decent life will bring you honour and longevity than the life of crime.

Don’t repeat the year by doing routine things, thinking it will give you satisfaction and good health. Get regular medical checkups, engage in exercises and eat smartly to lead a healthy life.

Don’t repeat the year by running away from God, doing charity work and offering volunteer services. Life gets a meaning when God gives it direction and becomes fulfilling when its purpose is discovered and lived to its fullest.

Don’t repeat the year with the belief that you are a failure and things will never improve. Get up and push yourself. The door of life opens to the individual who pushes the hardest. Keep hustling and smarting your way up and success will come your way.

Don’t repeat the year even if the last one was great for you. Be ambitious, pursue new dreams, attain new heights and improve continuously. By so doing, you increase your market share and beat your competitors to a distant second position.

Don’t repeat the year by refusing to take warning, advice or both. If this article did not give you a mental shift, then blame only yourself. If your life remains the same at the end of the year, it means you chose to repeat the year.

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