Imagination is the magic many individuals use in framing their world. Once you have defined what you like to do or what gives you satisfaction, learn how to play with your imaginations.

Through imaginations, the tap of thoughts is opened, and ideas flow freely through your mind. These ideas may be positive, negative, purpose driven or vain but it never leaves your mind wondering with possibilities.

Any individual who wants to make a success of their lives must open the tap of imagination constantly, every time.

Imaginations are driven by the law of attraction. The law of Attraction says, “Whatever thoughts a person focuses on attract the same type of experiences”.

This means your mind will attract thoughts of the things you like or what gives you satisfaction to dominate the information highway of your mind.

The following ways will help your mind channel information flow to the things that you like or what gives you satisfaction.

  1. Visualization.  This is the ability to assume what will happen in the future by seeing things from your mind’s eye in the present. Visualization is akin to deep thinking or meditation, where the mind ruminates over an idea but goes ahead to project a positive outlook about your expectations or desired results in the future. If you like investment, your mind can move from one blue chip company to another where you can buy shares at a unit of #30 and in less than 12 months you see the value rise from to #75. This happens when you use your mind to create several economic scenarios of what may happen and how the investment can take advantage of them. Here you are in the first month of the year, but you are already making projections through the force of imagination of the things that could happen in the next twelve months. Visualization is a key principle of channeling your thoughts to the things that will happen in the future through interplay of forces and dynamics that shape events within controllable and uncontrollable environments. Visualization must have a positive outlook about the future being envisaged by a leader. You must run away from the temptation of using your mind to frame negative imaginations or building false hopes from ugly situations.
  2. Act the future today. Reality can be created based on the forces of imagination. Once scenarios have been created in the mind, actions must be built around those scenarios to force them to become reality. This requires mental/physical work, planning, implementation and controlling of activities to ensure event flows along the path of imagination. A leader must act the future today before he/she gets there through a structured plan. Anyone whose actions are not based on making future projections for today’s reality has lost the impact of the creative force of imagination.
  3. Learn to convert your imaginations to reality. You must use your passion to fuel your activities to enhance the conversion of your imaginations to reality.

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