The biggest “show” of any plan is the implementation. This is where the devil usually shows up and it is at this point that many people give up. This is where a plan fails to be converted to reality or the process of achieving it becomes cumbersome. The following factors will help you implement your plan successfully:

1. Begin by stating the problem to be solved. The problem to be solved must be clearly stated as the first step in the implementation plan. This means at the end of the exercise, evaluation will be carried out to assess what has been done and if set objectives have been achieved.

2. Break the problem into component parts. The problem must be broken into component parts and prioritized for attention. Using a simple work breakdown approach to problem solving, each component can easily be solved in phases to achieve the overall goal.

3. Assign responsibilities to talents. The implementation phase is all encompassing and involves the deployment of several talents. Each phase must be assigned to a staff who must take responsibility and accountability for delivering the task.

4. Provide the guidelines and processes for doing the task. To ensure assignments are performed optimally and in the most judicious use of resources, processes and guidelines for carrying out daily activities must be developed and shared to all concerned.

5. Give timelines for each assignment. Implementation of projects or task is a time guided event. The time to deliver every task must be clearly stated and communicated to the responsible officer. Performance should be measured based on deliverables within specified timelines.

6. Have a check list to measure what has been done. During implementation and completion phase, checklist that will help to evaluate task to be done, quality and quantity and timelines will help in driving the process.

7. Correct errors and multiply best practices. Errors do happen during implementation and it is the responsibility of leaders to detect, correct or amend them to avoid derail or failure.

8. Celebrate milestone achievements. Key achievements during implementation phase should be celebrated. The high achievers should be recognized and rewarded while poor performance should be sanctioned.

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