Your dreams and visions are gifts to you and humanity. Great dreams are no products of overdose sleeping but attributes of hard work, perseverance and the uncanny ability to hold on to what you are doing in the face of obvious difficulties.

As a blogger and a writer, this is one principle that has kept me going. It is not easy for you to keep the fire of your passion burning when the visible results are either absent or comes in trickles. Again, this goes deeply to the foundation of your dreams and why it must be kept rolling. If the motivation was based on immediate gratification or visible benefits, the ball may stop rolling due to the failure of results to show up.

Your dream is your ball, inflate it and keep rolling and kicking it in the defined direction you mapped out for it. Never abandon kicking your dream balls no matter the odds. It is better for you to kick it against the odds for it to bounce back at you but keep kicking. Goals can only be scored when balls are kicked. Score the goal of your dream by kicking your ball as hard as possible.

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