Paying attention to details means a deliberate scrutiny or thoroughness in accomplishing the things that matter such as important information, task or relationships which could derail plan, cause mistakes or make the achievement of a plan impossible due to errors of omission or commission.

Success happens when planned or anticipated results have been achieved. This can only be possible where the steps to success have been followed through compliance to guidelines, with a devotion to observing details to avoid slippage. If a leader fails to pay attention to details, this lapse could cause colossal damages which could either frustrate or terminate the success of their projects or endeavours.

Success is a product of extreme vigilance and attention to details. You can get people to observe a picture or watch a movie and ask each of them to describe what they saw and the usefulness of the lessons. You will certainly be shocked to hear different perspectives based on everyone’s perceived viewpoints borne out of their attention to details. Pay attention to details always, as this could be your saving grace in times of danger.

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