Many individuals are in straight fight or competition with other persons as they struggle for who is better, smarter, famous or successful. It is most unwise for you to enter competitions like the above thinking you will outsmart everyone else.

Think about things seriously, are you the smartest, most famous or most successful guy around? The circumstance of birth and the fortunes that came the way of the lucky ones may not have come to you in equal measure, that alone is not a good reason to engage in a race of competition with others. Be different.

There is one race where you can assuredly beat everyone to the game and that is being different in what you do, your creativity and how you do your own thing. In the real world, photocopies don’t last long because other individuals or machines can always reproduce them, anytime, any day. Be different, be original. What enhances your value from every other person is your point of difference, your originality.

The attraction that a product or an individual gets is because they are different from others, not necessarily because they are better. The prominence of diversity concept is the different value it brings to the workplace. Rather than model your life after some celebrities or idols, why don’t you look at the unique features you have that makes you different from every other person and build on them. No one can beat you in a game where you are exhibiting your difference because you are simply showcasing your personality and individuality.

You will never catch the attention of nobody if you blend into any environment and behave like everybody else. How come people who are weird, rule benders/breakers and nonconformist get noticed faster than decent, law abiding and conformist individuals? It is because they act differently. Until, you become different you will not be noticed and when you are not noticed, you value cannot be enhanced.

Create your own brand, promote it and celebrate it. Let your brand be a trademark that separates you from the rest of the pack. Be different, act different and make you mark in a different way.

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